(Peterborough, NH)    A group of professionals interested in Search Engine and Social Media Marketing is holding its monthly meeting on Thursday, June 9 at 5:30 pm at the Peterborough Historical Society.  All interested are invited to join in this free session which begins with a presentation on Search Engine Marketing by Holly Sanderson of digital agency @Website Publicity of Peterborough.

Holly is the Senior Paid Search Manager for @Website Publicity where she conducts the search engine advertising programs for clients like Yankee Candle Company and Ross-Simons Jewelry.  She will present on the topic of Search Marketing Today: the basics in organic and paid search advertising. After a brief formal presentation, the attendees will be invited to ask questions most relevant to their unique search, social and mobile advertising opportunities, including a discussion of more advanced topics such as the end to preference position bidding and the Google +1 button.

The public is invited to this free event.  For additional information and to register, visit http://searchandsocialmonadnock.eventbrite.com/

Search Marketing Today

by Mike Briggs, VP-Search Strategies

On the heels of presenting at CognitiveDATA Annual Summit in Chicago on the topic of the trends we see coming for organic search, Bing made an announcement confirming my expectations.

My presentation and ensuing discussions focused on some of the recent changes at Google. The addition of +1 boxes, where a search user can share favorite results with other people in the Google network, was one signal that Google planned to leverage user recommendations.The changes surrounding the recent Panda update at Google reinforce this trend to identify websites not only relevant to searchers, but also engaging to them.

Now we have confirmation that other search engines are heading down this path. Bing recently announced it will add what it calls a collective IQ “Friend Effect” to its search pages.If you are logged in to Facebook, Bing may begin showing you sites promoted in search results that your network of friends “Like.” Not to be outdone, days later Google hastily announced its Social Search will roll out live. While Google may be locked out of Facebook, it is going to try and leverage Twitter and as many other shared sources as it can find to relate you and your friends’ preferences to search results.Search Gets SocialThe next era of organic optimization is dawning, and it takes a step away from websites themselves and a step closer to any data we as individuals are sharing about our likes and dislikes, whether we are aware or unaware that we are sharing. As we monitor to see how large an impact these social signals may have, you can take early steps now to get started allowing people to interact socially with your brand. The simple process of starting a Facebook page and providing the Like button on your site, and allowing easy Tweeting will give your audience the opportunity to promote you if they feel so inclined.